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Welcome to the PVB emulator project page! I'm your host Guy Perfect, and I'll be taking care of the technical stuff.

The Nintendo Virtual Boy is a gaming system with a bit of a slipshod reputation, but that's not the device's fault: it's not a bad piece of hardware! As such, a community of fans and supporters sprung up around the system and made its home at Planet Virtual Boy. Unsurprisngly, I'm one of 'em! The community is relatively small, as would be expected, but the density of technical knowledge among its members is mind-bogglingly high, so of course it's a place I feel right at home.

Recently, the topic came up that a good, fast Virtual Boy emulator still doesn't exist for Nintendo 3DS--one that also leverages the capabilities of the hardware. The 3DS nearing the end of its life, and a Virtual Boy emulator on the handheld is long overdue. The sentiment was met with many yeas, and even willingness to fund a "VB on 3DS" project if only one existed. The timing couldn't have been better, since I'm in a transitional period in my life right now and the thought of making an emulator as my actual job was too good to pass up, so I volunteered on the spot.

All that leads us here, to this website. It's a portal and repository for all things related to the project. However, in order for the initiative to succeed, I will need to ask for the generosity and support of the gaming community at large to cover my expenses. If you believe in the cause, please consider donating.

Project Goals

The initiative has four primary objectives:

Nintendo 3DS Emulator
I'm sure most of us thought about Virtual Boy when we first heard about the Nintendo 3DS. A custom emulator specifically designed to run on 3DS can take full advantage of the system's power and capabilities, giving us true stereo Virtual Boy on the go.
Reverse Engineering
Any time we want to learn about how a game works or make changes to it, we need the right tools to dig in and take a look around. A cross-platform desktop application is just the ticket for providing the user with the right kit to expose all the deepest secrets buried within Virtual Boy software.
The tool-assisted speedrun is a cornerstone of video game culture, and like reverse engineering, we need the right tools at our disposal in order to get the job done right. The aforementioned desktop application pulls double duty by bringing TAS-focused utilities to the party.
Comprehensive documentation of the Virtual Boy's internals will come from emulator research, and it's a perfect way for homebrew authors and modders to learn about the system's features. Those who remember the Sacred Tech Scroll document I wrote can look forward to a brand new version of it.

Why do this? What's worth the effort? I want to increase exposure for Virtual Boy, sure, but I also want to make a contribution to the emulation community. I want to demonstrate that with the right support and expertise, things can come into existence that are above and beyond the traditional expectations for emulators.

What Next?

Is this Guy Perfect character even proficient enough to make an emulator in the first place? Truth to tell, it was actually already in development before this all started, so that's good! Take a look at the Resources page, where you can find up-to-date builds of the project files, all of its source code, and even lengthy technical pages describing different facets of the project.

For starters, check out the document trail: 1. Project Scope

As excited as I am to do this, the fact remains that it won't be able to happen without the awesomeness of the gaming community helping to fund the cause. Again, if you have some change to spare and feel like this project is a good use for it, then please consider donating.

So hey, thanks in advance, and let's make this happen!

--Guy Perfect